What Dos it Take to Excel as a Hospice Executive? – June 2018


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Does the word “Integrity” come to mind?…

I’ve had the privilege to be asked by Corridor to revamp the materials for the Home Care & Hospice Executive Certificate Program offered by the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH).  After some initial discussions, we boiled down the major topic areas to:  boards, strategy and finance, and I’m working this month to finalize the materials.

I felt it was important to add building a culture of integrity, fairness and respect to the board section.  In today’s world, not only do we want to avoid the reputational risk of scandal, but there’s an increasing opportunity to stand out by making your culture a strategic differentiator.

I see culture as going beyond simple compliance to creating an environment where asking questions is encouraged, fairness is modelled throughout the organization, and moral courage is recognized and rewarded.  Beyond simply avoiding scandal, such a culture improves recruitment, retention, and referral and vendor satisfaction – you become the organization that everyone is glad to be associated with.

Just as “the tone at the top” is touted as important in compliance, it’s even more important in creating a culture of integrity, fairness and respect.  If it permeates board and chief executive recruiting, board meetings and is modelled by the highest levels of the organization, that’s a strong message to all staff and volunteers.



Bill Musick, President of Integriti3D, partners with chief executives and boards of hospice and palliative care organizations who seek to make a difference in the areas of planning, board engagement and creating a culture of integrity.  To find out more about taking your culture to the next level, contact Bill at (888) 942-0405.

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