Igniting Insights and Defining Roadmaps  to Prepare Hospice Organizations for the Future

Is Your Hospice or Palliative Care Organization Ready For Whatever The Future Brings?

The truth is, we can’t predict what will happen in three months, much less in three years. That’s why the best hospice organizations don’t make predictive plans…they make adaptive ones. It means:

  • Prioritizing the opportunities which will make the most impact on your vision and mission
  • Developing a simple articulation of your direction
  • Ensuring organization-wide understanding of your direction
  • Instituting an ongoing iterative process of strategic thinking

At Integriti3D, we don’t try to predict what will happen. We help you understand what you want to achieve, so that you can navigate whatever the future throws at you.

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Implementing Successful Adaptive Planning Techniques

Hospice care is deeply impacted by new technologies, regulations, and even social standards. The future is filled with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. Adaptive planning means:

  • Not being distracted by the hot new trend every few months
  • Not changing organizational goals in reaction to short-term trends
  • Reacting calmly to chaos
  • Continuing work toward your top priority goals
  • Maintaining organizational continuity

Our consulting helps you stay on track. We help you continue to move forward.

Change Up Your Approach to Strategy

Bill Musick, President of Integriti3D, shares new approaches to strategy that are geared to the ever-changing environment in which hospice chief executives and boards operate…

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Comprehensive Analysis Creates a Clear Plan

We have a proven and flexible process that helps you look into yourself in order to prepare for the future.  

  1. Analysis of key  environmental factors:  
    • General trends in healthcare
    • Trends in hospice and palliative care
    • Trends in your local market, including referral source perceptions
  2. Identify your key differentiators and strategic screening criteria
  3. Synthesize your goals into a simplified strategic statement
  4. Establish a framework for continually discussing changes and opportunities
  5. Coaching Chief Executives and Boards in creating a culture of inquiry

Our work helps you keep your company oriented toward a better future.

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Bill has an amazing ability to see a strategy and to process ways to solve any issue.  His depth of knowledge is also peppered with humor and dignity.

Anne Gimbel
Executive Director, Maitri Compassionate Care, San Francisco, CA

The Integriti3D Ethical Difference

What does Integriti3D mean? It means behaving ethically and with integrity in all directions. Your board is responsible to shareholders or the community, employees, the Chief Executive, and ultimately the patients and families who put their end-of-life-care in your hands.

For decades, founder Bill Musick has worked extensively with the continuum of health care services, bridging inpatient hospital services and a variety of communitybased services, with a particular passion for end of life services. He brings that knowledge to help Boards fulfill their mission.

Our values can help your company maintain compliance, improve morale, and boost referrals.

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A Full Range of Hospice Care Consulting Services

Planning is one pillar of a healthy, efficient, forward-looking hospice organization. Check out our other services to reach the full potential of your organization.

Developing a Healthy and Engaged Board

Create strong boards that are highly engaged and contributing to the success of the organization’s vision and mission

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Building a Robust Ethical Culture

Leverage the “tone at the top” to support a strong culture of ethics and fairness that enables a strong compliance program, healthy organizational dynamics and differentiates your brand for employees, referral sources, and strategic partners.

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Set Your Organization’s Course for a Better Future

Connect with us today to talk about our full range of consulting services, and let’s build a healthier and stronger hospice and palliative care system.

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