Building a Robust Ethical Culture for Hospice Care Organizations

Craft A Strong Culture of Ethics and Fairness That Boosts Your Entire Organization

An ethical, fair and respectful culture does not happen by chance, but rather my intentional efforts. It’s more than a vision or values statement, or a code of conduct. It’s about a Chief Executive and a Board setting a tone of rigor, thoroughness, and decency throughout your entire hospice care organization. Our training helps you:

  • Avoid compliance and reputational risks
  • Create healthy organizational dynamics
  • Promote a positive brand that differentiates your organization from competitors
  • Improve employee morale
  • Enhance employee performance and retention

A culture of integrity empowers every person in your organization to do the right thing, every time.

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The Strategic Advantage of a Culture of Integrity

A strong culture of fairness and ethics can be a powerful strategic differentiator that goes far beyond regulatory compliance. Placing a clear value on ethical and fair behavior at all levels of your organization and encouraging a “speak-up” culture has many benefits.

A culture of integrity means your organization:

  • Goes beyond mere compliance with regulations, avoiding financial and reputational risks of non-compliance
  • Improves its recruiting and retention efforts
  • Establishes it as a preferred partner of other healthcare organizations
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Take this Culture Challenge…

In this video, Bill Musick, President of Integriti3D, challenges you to look at your own culture and determine whether there are opportunities to provide greater support for integrity, fairness and respect.  A strong ethical culture can prove to be a strategic differentiator for your hospice or palliative care organization.

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Differentiate Yourself For Stakeholders

What does it mean to differentiate yourself? It means that stakeholders understand what sets you apart. It means they know that you won’t get caught in a compliance headache. It means they know that you are a company to trust.

Stakeholders who will appreciate a robust culture of ethics and integrity include:

  • Primary referral sources
  • Strategic Partners (Hospitals, ACOs, Health Plans)
  • Employees
  • Patients and families
  • Donors/Investors

Ethics impact every level of your organization. They make a difference in your bottom line, and they make in a difference in people’s lives.

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Bill presents the facts without bias. He does not make a situation look better than it is, or worse than it is. It’s the integrity he uses to present the results that sets him apart. Bill is honest, knowledgeable and predictably high quality.

Denis Viscek
CFO, Hospice by the Bay, An Affiliate of USCF Health, Northern California

The Integriti3D Ethical Difference

What does Integriti3D mean? It means behaving ethically and with integrity in all directions. Your board is responsible to shareholders or the community, employees, the Chief Executive, and ultimately the patients and families who put their end-of-life-care in your hands.

For decades, founder Bill Musick has worked extensively with the continuum of health care services, bridging inpatient hospital services and a variety of communitybased services, with a particular passion for end of life services. He brings that knowledge to help Boards fulfill their mission.

Our values can help your company maintain compliance, improve morale, and boost referrals.

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