Core Knowledge Courses

Hospice Governance Academy takes development and delivery of board training off your plate with hospice-specific training modules. Tracks are available for Board Members and for Board Chairs and Chief Executives.

Why HGA?

  • Easy-to- access webinar platform
  • Designed with micro-learning principals in mind: short segments increase accessibility and retention
  • Spotlight Interviews with industry experts reinforce and apply learning to today’s issues
  • Learning is reinforced with these handy tools:
    • Key Takeaway Summaries
    • Discussion Guides
    • Additional Resources Lists

Face The Future with Confidence

Help your board reach its full potential!

Board Member Core Knowledge

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Core Knowledge for a High-Performing Board

  • Board Basic Concepts
  • Optimal Engagement – The Holy Grail of High-Performing Boards
  • 6 Pillars of a Healthy and Engaged Board
  • A Primer on the  Board’s Role in Fundraising
  • Spotlight Interview: Rethinking Board Fundraising: Ambassadorship, Next Gen Giving, and Measuring Impact – Emily Davis
  • Spotlight Interview: A Board’s Opportunity and Responsibility to Engage with the Community: What, Why, and How – Terrie Temkin
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Strategy, Trends and Planning for Hospice Boards

  • Hospice Industry Basics
    • The Medicare Hospice Benefit: Past, Present, Future
    • Hospice Reimbursement Basics
  • A Foundation for Strategic Planning
  • Spotlight Interview: Medicare Advantage and the Value-Based Insurance Design Model – Mollie Gurian
  • Spotlight Interview: Trends in Community-Based Palliative Care – Turner West
  • Spotlight Interview: New Views on Competition – Onuke Ibe
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The Boards' Roles in Creating a Culture of Integrity, Fairness and Respect

  • Why Boards Should be Interested in Creating a Culture of Integrity, Fairness and Respect
  • What Boards Can Do to Support a Culture of Integrity, Fairness and Respect
  • Spotlight Interview: The Board’s Key Roles in Compliance – Gabe Imperato
  • Spotlight Interview: Why Boards Can’t Delegate Ethics – Mary Bennett
  • Spotlight Interview: Why Hospice Boards Should be Focusing on Diversity and Inclusion – Vernetta Walker
  • Spotlight Interview: What Hospice Boards Should Know about Government Investigations – Howard Young

Special Topics for Board Chairs and Chief Executives

  • Self-Assessment for Boards
  • Assessment of the Chief Executive
  • Maximizing the Value of your Board Retreat
  • Spotlight Interview: Leveraging the Partnership Between the Board Chair and the Chief Executive – Makiyah Moody
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