Ensure Your Board Chair and Chief Executive Get off to a Great Start

Hospice Board Chair Advantage PLUS+

High-performing governance starts with arming board leadership with the tools and tactics they need to successfully guide and influence not only a board, but a board that:

  • is fully engaged,
  • understands its roles and responsibilities, and
  • models and champions a culture of integrity, fairness, and respect.

The Hospice Board Chair Advantage PLUS+ program offers each Board Chair-Chief Executive dyad a private, 3-month customized course on the advanced topics of hospice board governance and leadership.

Participants will work directly with Integriti3D President and hospice governance expert, Bill Musick, to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth. As an added bonus, participants will be able to tap the power of the Hospice Governance Academy with a complimentary one-year membership to support them in moving their board to the next level.

Now Only $1899 per Board Chair & Chief Executive Pair

  • Monthly meetings with Bill Musick
  • Unlimited access to Hospice Governance Academy
  • Private LinkedIn group for ongoing support
In all of my years volunteering on boards, and there have been several, this is the first time that I have received such in-depth understanding of the mission and goals of the organization right from the get-go. The HGA training has made me energized and prepared to serve!
Jim Preston

Board of Directors, Emmanuel Hospice

Belief #1

Belief #2

Belief #3

Are your aspirations for your board at risk because of one of these limiting beliefs?

Pick a good board chair and then hope for the best.

We want to believe that if we pick the best available person to chair the board that they’ll do a great job. Without intentional effort to onboard a new board chair: figuring out how to best work with the chief executive in a productive fashion, modifying their relationship to the rest of the board in this new role, and determining priorities for the board’s work during their term, you may find yourself falling short of your aspirations.

Board members, and chairs in particular, are too busy to spend time learning.

Board members ARE too busy to waste time in meetings that don’t add value, but our experience shows us that board members want to learn, want to be engaged and want to add value. Tools like Hospice Governance Academy, with a 4.8 out of 5 rating by users, is one way. Hospice Board Chair Advantage PLUS+ takes you even further with less effort on your part.

It can be dangerous for board members and chairs to learn independently.

I think most of us who have been chief executives have experienced that angst when a board member brings in “independent” information and the fear that this information will take the member and the rest of the board down a rabbit hole that is not a priority for the board and organization. The solution is not to create a “bobble-head board,” where a board is only fed information from the chief executive and everyone politely nods their heads in agreement, but rather to build a board room culture where members feel comfortable raising questions, and where members feel equally comfortable to remind colleagues of their role and their priorities. This goes a lot further to build trust and add value.

Bill – you personally add enormously to the process. You are clearly good at working with groups and synthesizing ideas. Watching you moderate the discussions in the on-line learning courses made me realize just how broad your knowledge of hospice boards really is and how much knowledge and experience you are able to bring to the process. Thank you for all that you’ve brought to us.
Dr. Kenneth Riff

Board Member, North Hawaii Hospice

About Bill Musick

Bill Musick has seen the good, bad, and ugly of hospice boards as a chief executive, board member and consultant. Through years of training, certification, and real-life experience, he has fine-tuned a passion for good governance into a framework that will ensure your hospice board reaches its full potential.

Finally, hospice-focused board development

The Hospice Governance Academy was created to provide industry-specific content directly to hospice leaders. HGA is an easy, online learning platform that ensures your board has a shared base of core hospice governance knowledge and is up-to-date on trends and issues facing hospice care today. Content is contributed regularly by industry recognized experts.

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