Recruit and Retain Highly Effective Hospice Board Members

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There are THREE potential reasons…

why your hospice board members are leaving before their term ends, not renewing terms, or are difficult to replace. In this short video, Bill Musick, President of Integriti3D, explains.

  1. The ideal board member candidate was not hired in the first place.
  2. The relationship between the Board Chair and Chief Executive is not as strong as it should be.
  3. Board meetings are run ineffectively.

This Email Course Includes

  • 5 uniquely designed lessons, delivered to your inbox daily, that will teach you how to assess your current retainment status and take action to stop the revolving door.
  • Clever strategies you can implement today to help improve the recruiting process.
  • Guidance on how to engage your entire board, improve morale, and turn meetings on their heads.

About Bill Musick

Bill Musick has seen the good, bad, and ugly of hospice boards as a chief executive, board member and consultant. Through years of training, certification, and real-life experience, he has fine-tuned a passion for good governance into a framework that will ensure your hospice board reaches its full potential.

Accelerate Your Chair’s Readiness to Lead a High-Performing Board

Give your new board chair the advantage of getting up to speed quickly and thoroughly. The Board Chair Advantage program provides Chief Executives and new Board Chairs (or chairs-elect) the tools to accelerate moving to the next level of high-impact governance.

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