Is your Board Showing Signs of Dysfunction?

A healthy board is a functional board. If one person or group dominates board meetings, leadership is rarely-challenged, or problematic behavior is overlooked, then there is room to improve your team dynamic.

Integriti3D has the experience, resources, and answers to help. Bill Musick, President of Integriti3D and founder of the Hospice Governance Academy, will tell you why.

Meeting domination, no questions asked, and accountability issues are 3 main symptoms of a disengaged board.

Integriti3D is here to turn dysfunction into function and get your board back on a high-performing track. Download our free guide, A Critical Need for High Impact Boards, to get the framework and step-by-step action items you need to get started.

Free Guide: A Critical Need for High Impact Boards

  • The Six Pillars of High Performing Boards – and how to activate them
  • The importance of healthy team dynamics
  • Steps you can take today to re-energize and re-engage your board
  • What high-performance can look like for your organization


About Bill Musick

Bill Musick has seen the good, bad, and ugly of hospice boards as a chief executive, board member and consultant. Through years of training, certification, and real-life experience, he has fine-tuned a passion for good governance into a framework that will ensure your hospice board reaches its full potential.

Client Success Story

North Hawaii Hospice engaged Integriti3D and Bill Musick for consulting and The Hospice Governance Academy online learning platform. They received the 2021 HGA Achievement Award in recognition of their progress.


Our self-assessment process led to a strategic sustainability plan with three primary components: board development strategies; collaboration strategies, both locally and statewide; and internal strategies for business development and improvements in operational performance.

Susan Hunt

Board President, North Hawaii Hospice

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