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Spotlight Interview Series

Turner West

Associate Vice President for Health Policy and Director of the Palliative Care Leadership Center, Bluegrass Care Navigators

Trends in Community-Based Palliative Care

Palliative Care is a rapidly evolving service line that hospice boards need to have on their radar screen. While interest in Palliative Care is building, there has not been a well defined standard for what is included and how to pay for it. What should hospices consider as they assess the value of a palliative care program?

This three-part Spotlight Interview includes discussion of:

  • What is Palliative Care compared to Hospice Care? What models should hospices be aware of?
  • Financial sustainability — what’s currently available, and what new payment models might be introduced?
  • What questions should your board ask themselves when assessing a Palliative Care program?
  • Why work collaboratively with partners to build or expand a Palliative Care program?

View the first segment by clicking on the video on this page.

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