2020 Update: What Medicare Advantage and VBID Mean for Hospices

New supplemental benefits for services adjacent to hospice, plus the ability of Medicare Advantage plans to offer hospice services under VBID, the Value-Based Insurance Design pilot beginning in 2021, should be of keen interest to hospice providers.

This video provides an update on the original conversation with Mollie Gurian about what Medicare Advantage and VBID mean for hospices, in the complex and ever changing landscape of hospice care.

Based on how the Value-Based Insurance Design hospice benefit component is designed, we might see a few more plans doing it through that demonstration for Plan Year 2021.
Mollie Gurian

What Medicare Advantage and VBID Mean for Hospices

Recent changes in Medicare Advantage rules in addition to a new Value Based Insurance Design (VBID) proposal might allow greater flexibility for hospices to play a role in end of life care within Medicare Advantage plans. What do Hospices need to know?

Mollie Gurian

Director, Leading Age

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