Onuka Ibe

Senior Consultant, La Piana Consulting

New Views on Competition – Sharpening Identity and Assessing Opportunities for Collaboration

Competition is often viewed negatively…but in this interview, Onuka Ibe challenges us to think about what competitive assessments tell us about being good stewards and what they show us about collaborative opportunities.

This three-part Spotlight Interview includes discussion of:

  • What are the different ways that organizations compete? (Spoiler Alert: direct, indirect, resource)
  • What is “ethical competition” and how does it strengthen the overall field?
  • What questions should your board ask themselves to determine their competitive advantage in the market it serves?
  • How can competitive assessments help identify collaborative opportunities?

How to Watch This Interview

Spotlight Interviews are available by email requests to Bill Musick at bill@integriti3d.com, subject line: Spotlight Interview Request: [NAME OF INTERVIEW]. 

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