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In all of my years volunteering on boards, and there have been several, this is the first time that I have received such an in-depth understanding of the mission and goals of the organization right from the get-go. The HGA training has made me energized and prepared to serve!
Jim Preston

Board of Directors, Emmanuel Hospice Board of Directors

In a time of crisis, high-performing boards don’t wait to see what others do. They don’t worry that they are over-reaching.

They distinguish themselves by claiming their spot as the strong, supportive partner to their chief executive.

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A high-performing board:

  • Keeps a long-term perspective
  • Anticipates issues
  • Mitigates risk
  • Reassures stakeholders
  • Embraces diversity, inclusion, integrity, and ethics
  • Connects to the community it serves

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Why HGA was created

I’m Bill Musick, president of Integriti3D. I created the Hospice Governance Academy to ensure that all hospices have a simple and consistent means to continuously improve their boards.

Just as all hospices do for their clinical staffs.


Hospice board members are busy. HGA’s short videos make it easy to stay up to date on the latest issues facing hospices and to refresh our knowledge so that we can be more effective in our roles. One of the exciting things about this platform is that helps us to focus on a few key things and not feel overwhelmed
Frank Puglisi

Board of Directors, Hospice EastBay

Help your board add more value to your organization’s mission.

Flexible for any size hospice board
Engaging for every board member and role
Accessible online and available 24/7

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