Top Hacks to Re-Engage Your Hospice Board

Attend this 30-minute webinar to end boring board meetings. Bill Musick has helped hundreds of hospice boards improve their meetings and unlock their potential. In this brief webinar he’ll share the top secrets that successful boards implement and tips that you as a board member can leverage immediately:

  • 2 quick levers you can pull right now
  • 4 concrete actions you can take in the next 90 days
  • 6 pillars of sustaining a healthy and engaged board

Start enjoying board meetings. Make sure your organization is fully benefitting from your talent, skills, and knowledge. Live that mission and vision. Register today!

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Don’t sit back.

Take initiative.

You and your organization are worth it.

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A high-performing board in turbulent times:

  • Keeps a long-term perspective
  • Anticipates issues
  • Mitigates risk
  • Reassures stakeholders
  • Embraces diversity, inclusion, integrity, and ethics
  • Connects to the community it serves

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Why I created HGA...

Bill Musick, President of Integriti3D

I created the Hospice Governance Academy to ensure that all hospices have a simple and consistent means to continuously improve their boards.

Just as all hospices do for their clinical staffs.

Finally, hospice-focused board development

The Hospice Governance Academy was created to provide industry-specific content directly to hospice leaders. HGA is an easy, online learning platform that ensures your board has a shared base of core hospice governance knowledge and up-to-date information on trends and issues facing hospice care today. Content is contributed regularly by industry-recognized experts.

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