If a team is together, everyone achieves more. What brings that team together and sets them apart from people who are not on a team? I actually think it’s finding meaning and a common purpose. If you’re all aligned in what you’re going to do in a board room and looking and moving in the same direction, then the changes that they become a team, with good leadership and intentionality, is very likely.

Tesse Akpeki

Do You Have a Team in Your Board Room?

Some people argue that boards should be composed of subject matter experts who meet periodically to provide feedback, and that there really isn’t time to develop a culture for a board. Tesse Akpeki, director of Tesse Akpeki Associates Limited in London, disagrees.

In this Spotlight Interview, Bill Musick speaks to Tesse about her belief that having a real team, with good leadership and intentionality, in the board room is imperative. Tesse is a fellow of the Chartered Governance Institute, is founder of the Wellbeing and Resilience Leadership Initiative, and founder of Tesse Talks.

Tesse Akpeki

Director, Tesse Akpeki Associates Limited

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