I think a tree is a wonderful metaphor and the roots are the foundational pieces of the organization. Here’s where the values sit. Here’s where the founder’s vision sits. Here’s where maybe the mission sits. And then as you start to grow, as your organizational identity becomes more mature, you determine who are the clients we’re going to serve. What’s the geographic area? What are some of the programs we’re going to be delivering? And those are the branches. Those are the leaves, the different programs.

Amari Romero-Thomas

Connecting With Vision – The Founder’s Intent

There’s an exciting opportunity for many hospices to harness the power of a vibrant vision to engage key stakeholders. A strong vision helps a hospice organization distinguish itself from other hospices as it recruits and retains staff, volunteers, donors and referral sources.

In this Spotlight Interview, Bill Musick speaks with Amari Romero-Thomas, CEO and Principal Consultant at Mosaic Consulting and Coaching. Amari shares how in order to have a more complete, holistic strategic planning process, you needs to consider the heart, the history, and the original values of an organization.

Amari Romero-Thomas

CEO and Principal Consultant , Mosaic Consulting

How to Watch the Full Interview

Spotlight Interviews are available for free to members of the Hospice Governance Academy. This individual interview is available for purchase below. If you are interested in a guided meeting to review and improve your mission, vision, and values, consider a 1-Hour Board Coaching Session with Bill Musick, President of Integriti3D.



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