Clear Expectations Will Allow Your Board to Soar – August 2018


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Strive for Clarity in Board Expectations…

I had the pleasure this month of speaking to the state executives of the Council of Home Care & Hospice Associations as part of their annual leadership retreat in Chicago.  In the first two conversations that I had with executives at the opening reception, both told me stories of woe about issues that they both labelled “communications.”  Upon reflection, however, they really seemed to me to be more about the lack of clear expectations and role definition.

This is one of the six pillars of a healthy and engaged board that was the focus of my presentation to the Council executives, and is the subject of both a video and an article on this site.  Clarity of the role of the board, the chief executive and the board and volunteer roles of a board member (see May 2018 blog) are critical.  Still, there can often be “gray areas” that can cause tension because expectations aren’t clear.

A board can improve its health and the engagement of its members by periodically identifying such “fuzzy” areas and working to develop consensus so that expectations for board members are clear, and so those expectations can be used during the recruitment process for new board members.

Bill Musick, President of Integriti3D, partners with chief executives and boards of hospice and palliative care organizations who seek to make a difference in the areas of planning, board engagement and creating a culture of integrity.  To find out more about taking your board to the next level, contact Bill at (888) 942-0405.

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