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Whether you are a relatively new member of the governance team or a seasoned veteran, board member or chief executive, HGA has courses designed to give you the knowledge you need to make today’s tough decisions AND keep you up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

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Spotlight Interviews keep you up-to-date on key topics. Click the video link below to see an example or the button link to see the topics available in the Spotlight Interview Series.

Spotlight Interview Series


Fundamentals Courses build your knowledge and engagement in an easy and simple way. Click the video link below to see an example or the button link to see the Fundamentals Courses available.

Core Knowledge Courses

How it works

  • Online and on-demand fits into busy schedules
  • Bite-sized sessions, key take-away summaries, and discussion guides make for better retention
  • Leaderboard and email reminders keep you progressing and engaged as you explore new topics
  • Unlimited access to a full library of courses, interviews, and articles

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Unlimited access to the knowledge you need to help your organization move forward for less than the cost of attending a conference. Your HGA Subscription includes:

  • Spotlight Interview Series
  • Board Member Fundamental Courses AND Special Topics for Board Chairs and Chief Executives
  • Unlimited access to a full library of courses, interviews and articles

$395 per year

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Featured Content

Hospice Governance Academy includes content that ensures your board has a shared base of Core Knowledge and is up-to-date on trends and issues facing the industry. Content is contributed by industry recognized experts.

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Spotlight Interview: Leveraging the Partnership between the Board Chair and Chief Executive

Learn how to forge a productive relationship between a board chair and the chief executive from Makiyah Moody, Senior Consultant at La Piana Consulting.

See Leveraging the Partnership

See the Spotlight Interview Series

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Core Knowledge Course: Assessment of the Chief Executive

Create strong boards that are highly engaged and contributing to the success of the organization’s vision and mission.

See Assessment of the Chief Executive

See Core Knowledge Courses

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Article:  HHS OIG Report on Abuse and Neglect (June 2019)

Is your board ready to handle greater compliance scrutiny?  The “Identifying Potential Abuse or Neglect” report demonstrates that the OIG’s interest in safeguarding vulnerable populations has expanded to ALL Medicare services.

See HHS OIG article

See all articles in Resource Center

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